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In A, all is calm, triplet feel, but under the surface, things are happening. Bass plays long notes.

Body and Soul, Soul Eyes, I Thought About You


Remember: it is a double time ballad style. You could use it as a "normal" time medium tempo. Modal means here that the bass plays patterns that resemble a groove.

Most ballads, like Sophisticated Lady, I fall in love too easily.


modern swing ballad with lots of variation. A style is very loose with slow moving bass with some nice accents. B style is more contemporary and very driving, Inspired by Keith J trio, Charles Lloyd  .        

 Ballads played modern: Georgia , My Funny Valentine, I'm a fool to want you 


Modern ballad style, inspired by KJarrett and BEvans but with less complex bass part. Bass is relaxed. Drums are more happening. Some polyrhythmic figures.   …                                                                                              

All the ballads: Never Let Me Go, My Foolish Heart


Slow moving bass notes, drums are sparse but with some flurries. Modern, ECM inspired.                                                                                                                                                                  

All the ballads that are slightly faster but require discreet bass playing: Django, Everything happens to me, Some other time, Darn that dream; All the ECM style ballads (Wisteria, Leaving, Miyako)


based on Jarrett's song Prism, elaborate style with bass switching between very simple and rhythmically complex. Interesting   

ECM Tunes like Prism, other Ballads that deserve a more modern spin: How do You keep The Music Playing, Naima, Late Lament


Metheny Travels ballad style  Rock inspired ballad style, very suited for ECM songs and modern jazz. Sophisticated drum part, bass plays mostly rhythmic figures, but very relaxed.  ,,,,

ECM songs and Metheny's Travels: (Garbarek) Mission: to be where I am, (Arild Andersen) TAGRETA, (Esbjorn Svensson) From Gagarin's Point of View


Style inspired by KJ trio's ballad playing. It's that "rock" influence that does it. The way KJ plays My Back Pages, but also other Ballads                                                                            

Every ballad that you would like to sound more "driven": sixties rock inflected Jazz (Tagreta, Koral by Arild Andersen...) or any ballad like Blackberry Winter 


Modern Modal Ballad Style  Ballad style for ECM and modern jazz ballads. soft brushes underneath discreet rhythmic bass figures                                                                                                                                                           

Some Other Time, How do You Keep The Music Playing


Brisk paced ballad or funky medium-tempo.Bass plays long notes and embellished grooving. Drums are syncopated with interesting bass drum (slightly polyrythmic)

Brisk versions of Naima, You don't Know What Love Is, My Funny Valentine, Round Midnight, Spice up God Bless The Child... Or funky slow versions of In Your Own Sweet Way, Satin Doll, Doxy, In a Mellow Tone