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Some Browsers are

allergic to files being shared, so, some people would have to switch browers.

Remember: these files have been thoroughly checked and protected.

Here you can find 2 styles that you can download for free. The styles are only bass and drums. They can be downloaded along with 2 standards that go well with these styles. 

Here you can find 3 SF2 files that you can download for free. They all contain an Upright Bass and Brush Drums and a piano.

You can also download the SFZ-versions (for use with Sforzando. You need to download the folders. 

Both contain a great sounding piano.

N° 1 has bass and drums without a lot of velocity layers. Good sounds, though.

N°2 has more velocity layers. The bass is from samples of a sophisticated upright bass. Used to be sold by a rather shady company called Sonart, but that doesn't exist anymore.

The drums are more velocity layered also. Makes for a different sound and more variation.

Sadly, translating it to SFZ gives poor results. Hopefully you find a sf2 player for it. Converting it with Polyphone or with Sforzando results in weird sounds. 

ZIPfiles are for the SFZ-files: they require an sfz file and a different sample folder. So, zip will be easier. 

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