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African Skies, great Brecker tune

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Michael Brecker recorded African Skies a couple of times with different bands and in different styles.

I particularly like the version that Jeff Tain Watts plays on his album with the Danish Radio bigband. That has some groove going on, and some terrific playing.

In some instances you see the main chord as a Phrygian chord, written as Gbmaj7#11/F. I think lots of great performers use that substitution a lot. I chose the changes as I heard them and checked with Jamey Aebersold's version.

It's a song with "blowing changes". The head is really a whole arrangement, followed by changes to solo on. Mike Stern uses that too, a lot of modern players write tunes like that.

You can download the tune in BIAB-format here. Band in A Box will look for the right style. You can find this style in the Modal Pack 1. If you don't have that style, too bad, but you can still choose another style you want.

Have Fun

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