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Afro Blue, (M. Santamaria, arr. Dianne Reeves)

We all know Afro Blue from Coltrane's genius live albums. Dianne Reeves rearranged the tune in a more contemporary form and it's marvelous.

The song is modal as can be. For minor tunes like these it means switching from Aeolian to Dorian to Melodic Minor and everything in between.

I arranged the tune in 3/4 with a distinct RnB and funk flavour, then added breaks and stops in Band in a Box.

As always, you can download the tune HERE. If you load it and you don't have the appropriate Jazzstylezz style, it will say "style missing". But you can always substitute it with any other style of your liking. Better still, buy the Latin Pack 1. It's great.

Dig it.

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