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Beatrice, great Sam Rivers tune

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Beatrice, is a wonderful tune with great melody from the saxophone player Sam Rivers.

The song appeals to a lot of listeners and musicians alike. I think it is because it balances between major and minor, is very modal on the one hand, yet very tonal on the other hand.

There is some discussion about the chord changes and chord qualities. I prefer the Lydian over Lydian dominant, but for the rest, I stick to the known changes.

It's definitely a "modern" tune, in that it shifts tonality a lot. If you keep hanging in a chord, you sound wrong, :)

As always, you can download the song here. Band in a Box will look for the right Style. If you don't have the style, which you can find in the Standards Pack, you can use a style of your choosing.

Have fun

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