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CARAVAN, Ellington in a new suit.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Caravan, a true gem of standard jazz, written by Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington.

To me, Ellington stands for refinement, melody and modernity. Check out the Far East Suite. Sounds modern today!

I heard this (obscure) version of Eric Legnini of Caravan and liked it instantly. In the bridge, the band goes into a bebop, swing, thing, but I thought: what if they stuck to that great rhythm they have going on?

I can't play the way Legnini plays, sadly, but I thought it was worth a try.

The "base" chord is C13b9, the dominant diminished chord. Sounds strange, always. Diminished is wonderful and weird.

The style I made is called JS4M10 (BIAB only allows 8 characters for the style name). You can find the style in the MODAL PACK 1.

As always, you can find the MGU-file (BIAB song with melody) here. The song has some tweaks and stops and stuff. Feel free to alter or change. When you install the tune or open it in BIAB, it will tell you the style is missing, if you don't have the Modal Pack 1. You can pick another style if you like. The melody isn't especially well written, it's not sheet music after all. I don't claim any copy(w)right and consider using this an example of fair use.

Use it for fun and practice and enjoy it.

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