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Começar De Novo, Ivan Lins

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Ivan Lins produced this wonderful tune "Começar de Novo" (to start again) with a beautiful lyric. I learned the tune through Toots Thielemans' Brazilian Album, where the song ends on a brief vocal by Ivan Lins himself. Hauntingly beautiful, in my opinion.

The way Toots plays it, and Larry Willis (see the other post on Larry Willis' tune "To Wisdom The Prize"), with lots of augmented major chords.

Augmented Major Chords are not the happy kind you hear in the ionian or lydian chord. They are happy and sad at the same time and give a strange sensation, wry, raw, melancholic, intense.

When you hear the great players play this tune, they convey all these sentiments by professionally navigating the augmented chord. For amateurs like me it's a great way to practice these chords and gain fluency.

I use the same style as for the very different tune To Wisdom The Prize. That's how flexible good styles are, I believe. And it's one of the great things about Band in a Box: you can experiment with different feels, grooves, tempi...

As always, you can find an MGU-file (BIAB-file) of this tune here. If you don't have the Latin Pack 1, you can substitute another style and still enjoy the tune.

Have fun.

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