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Dear Kenny, Arild Andersen's tune written for Kenny Wheeler

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Arild Andersen recorded an album with Kenny Wheeler (tp) and Steve Dobrogosz (p) in 1980, called Lifelines.

On it, there's a wonderful ballad called Dear Kenny. It's obviously written for Kenny Wheeler, it has all the typical harmonic stuff KW is known for.

As can be expected, the song is full of phrygian sounds, written as Lydian over a bass note a half step down. You can also write Phryg or other chord symbols, but to me this notation makes sense.

I made styles for Kenny Wheeler tunes before, this one is found in the Modal Pack.

Don't go looking for II-V-cadences, cause you will not find them. It's just melody to me and parallel harmony, of course.

If you want to play the song in your Band in a Box, you can find it here.

Have fun

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