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ECM Jazz, Kenny Wheeler, 3/4 in the Afternoon

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Since I was a student, I fell in love with Kenny Wheeler's music. I discovered his playing on a David Sylvian album, looked him up, discovered Gnu High (with Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette) and the rest is history.

There's been some bad music, but Gnu High, Deer Wan and Widow in the Window are still my favorite albums.

So, I decided to make some styles for Band in a Box, that would suit this music. The style I use can be found in MODAL PACK 1.

Anyway, I dig the slow moving chords. You will seldom find any II-V's, it's really different from traditional or Bebop jazz.

Halfway, the melody repeats, but up a half step.

Interesting things are:

The use of Lydian and Phrygian (measures 5, 9, 11 on the video). I prefer the notation Ab/G for phrygian as Band in a Box struggles to play (the intended) sus4b9 chord.

Starting chord is notated as B. Some musicians on the album clearly play it like it is a sus 4 chord, others play it like a MajorSus4, meaning, a sus4 with a major 7th. Nice!

Here you can find the file (mgu file) for the tune. Remember, the file wants to play a Jazzstylezz style. If you don't have styles from Jazzstylezz, you can use another style that you like.


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