FeFe Naa Efe, Fela Kuti's tune as arr. by Laurent De Wilde

The late Fela Kuti, this well spoken, human rights activist and Afrobeat/Afro Jazz musician... made so many great tunes. Even though it's not really jazz, it speaks to a lot of jazz minded people.

Anyway, Laurent De Wilde, a wonderful pianist and composer, took the song FeFe Naa Efe and made it into a piano trio tune. You should dig Laurent De Wilde for his playing, but mostly for his arranging skills: he always looks for a personal approach to any tune he plays.

The title refers to an Ashanti (Ghana) proverb. Fela Kuti translates it as: It is because of the beauty, that a woman holds her breast when running, not because the breast is gonna fall to the ground.

I got inspired by Laurent De Wilde's arrangement to make a style (inside Modal Pack 1) that reflects the Fela Kuti vibe and is at the same time profoundly modern jazz.

It's a style best used for modal tunes with few chords, but... please experiment with it.



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