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Gloria's Step, Scott LaFaro

Scott LaFaro was the bass player who featured on Bill Evans' legendary Village Vanguard sessions.

Though only two years before he played in a very traditional style (on earlier Bill Evans albums), in 1960-61 he began playing with more creativity and melody and imagination. Spurred by bass players like Jimmy Blanton or Charles Mingus and Jimmy Garrison, he started exploring more and expressing himself more.

Though he died at a young age, he inspired a lot of young musicians back then and continues to inspire bass players to this day.

The tune is pretty straightforward with wonderful harmony throughout. The B-part (AAB-structure) is particularly challenging with all those half diminished chords one after the other. So, harmonically it's intriguing and ... well... hard. But fun, though.

I just like the melody so very much and hope you do too.

As always, you can download the tune HERE. If you load it and you don't have the appropriate Jazzstylezz style, it will say "style missing". But you can always substitute it with any other style of your liking. FYI: the style is to be found in the Standards Pack 1.

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