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If I Were A Bell, 7/4

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I always liked Miles' version, which has the Big Ben-tune as an intro. His version has the wonderful Coltrane on board, but the real gem in the tune is Miles' solo: relaxed, intresting, soft spoken though spicy...

A nice tune with some deft changes in it. It stems, originally, from the musical Guys n Dolls, but Miles' reference is probably the best you can ever find.

I wanted to give it a 7/4 treatment. The style is like a truncated 8/4, with two parts of 3,5 forming a 7/4. Hope you like it.

You can find the mgu file (BIAB-song file) for this tune here,

Find The style here: Odd Meter Pack 1

Have fun.

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