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It's Easy to Remember, Chick Corea Rhythm style

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

If you hear the Chick Corea trio play, any trio he plays with, there's a lot of interesting rhythmic stuff going on. And every trio is very different. Take the Brian Blade, Christian McBride rhythm section, for instance. They play with more reference to polyrhythms, they hint at soul, r'n'b, they wander into long stretches of rubato playing.

The trio with Dave Weckl is entirely different, not better, not worse, just totally different. Dave has a tendency to play with the sixteenth (and 32nd) notes which gives considerable impetus to the band. Supported by the incredible John Patitucci, they are a wonderful section that opens up the music and gives it an incredible drive.

On this style (in the Ballad Pack Vol. 1) I made a slightly "calmer" version of this principle: it's still a ballad, but you hear how it moves around, how it's "happening". A style that gives energy, flow to a ballad.

Here you can find the file (mgu file) for the tune. Remember, the file wants to play a Jazzstylezz style. If you don't have styles from Jazzstylezz, you can use another style that you like.


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