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It's easy to Remember, inspired by John Scofield

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

On the great album A Moment's Peace, Scofield plays a wonderful ballad: I Want to Talk About You. The song is so "happening", while still being a ballad.

It inspired me to make more modern ballad styles. On the record, the playing is pretty wild. It takes a high energy player like Scofield to hold his own against this rhythm section. They propel and push the song and the soloist constantly with very provocative playing.

I made a few styles that are for ballad playing, but much more happening. Not as heavy as the Scofield band, though. It would overwhelm most players. My playing is nowhere near as energetic as Sco's. (and nowhere near as interesting or profound... but then again...)

Here you can find the file (mgu file) for the tune. Remember, the file wants to play a Jazzstylezz style. If you don't have styles from Jazzstylezz, you can use another style that you like.

The style is found in the Ballad Pack vol. 1


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