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Keep Me In Mind, great tune by John Scofield

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In 1991, John Scofield released Meant to Be, a wonderful album with great tunes. As such, it was a worthy follow-up for the impressive album Time on my Hands.

Though Scofield is an exceptional improviser, his compositions remain underexposed. Sadly so, because he is truly a fine composer. There's a lot of tunes on Meant To Be and Time on my Hands, that you will find yourself whistling along to after some time.

The tune starts with a F#7/A# chord. Since the bass note is Bb and the F#7 is an altered chord, for me it's definitely better to voice it as Bbmaj7#5. You can alter it, of course.

The rest of the tune is pretty straightforward, with the (short) bridge providing some contrast to the A-part.

As always, you can find the tune in BIAB-format here (MGU-file). When you open the tune in Band in a Box, it will look for the Latin style I made. You can find this style in the Latin Pack 1 or substitute it with a different style altogether.

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