Kontakt Upright Bass Libraries shootout. 8 libraries compared!

Since using Band in a Box I have always been on the search of good sounds to play with. In this installment of my "shootout" series, I compare 8 Kontakt Libraries.

I didn't tweak the basses other than some eq-ing and making sure there are no "artefacts" or scripts that interfere with playing BIAB-files.

Not being the kind of player I aspire to, ;) I chose to use a Keith Jarrett Transcription of the song Prism. Since the album Personal Mountains came out, to celebrate the 20th birthday of ECM-records, I have returned to this song so many times. And I have been loving it ever since. Hope you do too.

Some bass libraries need tweaking. For instance, the OrangeTree bass lacks velocity responsiveness, you could change that inside Kontakt. The result on the video is a bass that is somewhat unhinged and inappropriately aggressive in the given tune. But that can be fixed.

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