Last Train Home, Metheny (arr. inspired by Gilad Hekselman)

I grew a little bit tired of the old Metheny group songs, thinking maybe they didn't age well. Then I heard a Gilad Hekselman rendition of Last Train Home. Really cool version of the song (and a great video to look up on youtube).

Shows that there's plenty of stuff for another 50 years of (new) Jazz Standards.

The tune is really in Bb, but has all the harmonic sophistication you'd expect from Pat Metheny.

Bb major quickly turns into Lydian in the second bar and Bb7 in the third bar. But, as with many of Metheny's tunes, the melody shows the way.

By the way, the Dmin is a phrygian chord, but sounds best voiced as F/D.

As always, you can download the tune HERE. If you load it and you don't have the appropriate Jazzstylezz style, it will say "style missing". But you can always substitute it with any other style of your liking. Find the jazzstyle in the Latin Pack 1.

Dig it.

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