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Lonely Woman, Horace Silver's ballad to die for.

From the album Song for my Father (with a picture of his dad on the cover) stems this wonderful ballad: Lonely Woman.

It's harmonically rich, like most of Silver's music, and has this melody that sticks to the back of your head.

The tune starts with parallel minor chords descending, has a rather simple II-V in minor going on, but still sounds thoroughly modern.

Pat Metheny recorded it on his record Rejoicing with Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins.

The record starts off with a gorgeous rendition of Lonely Woman.

In my own video I just play the melody. And the piano is way back.

I just wanted to show the possibilities with modern MIDI and good Kontakt libraries.

You can find the style in the Ballads Pack 1.

You can find the tune here.

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