Lover Man (in a new dress)

Fascinated by all things "standards", I am really fascinated by how today's and yesterdays' players approach standards. The biggest difference with how musicians used to play standards in the fifties, is, imo, the way it is "swung".

Some differences:

  • From 8 note swing to 16th note swing,

  • more use of straight timing,

  • the influence of rock and soul.

When making new styles, I move away from traditional jazz styles. Not because I don't like 'em, but because you can find these already and because I want to move to a new and more contemporary style of jazz playing.

If you hear the Jarrett trio, it might sound traditional, but they really bring in a lot of modern vibe. Same with Jason Moran, Aaron Parks, Kenny Barron...

Hope these styles inspire you.


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