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Mikell's, Joey Calderazzo's tune.

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

IN 1991 Joey Calderazzo releases the album In the Door. It features Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Brecker and the great Branford Marsalis.

Since the passing of Kenny Kirkland, Joey became the piano player for the Branford Marsalis Quartet.

The tune Mikell's is full of flavor, it has this interesting phrygian, lydian augmented start and then the B-part with its' Fdiminished flavor.

Though I can't play the tune -even remotely- the way Calderazzo does it, it's still a great song to play.

The style I use can be found in the Modern Standards Pack 1

You can find the song in BIAB format (MGU-file) here.

Have fun

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