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Misty Red Beast (in Dutch: Het mistige rooie beest)

I already expressed my love for the music of my compatriot Toots Thielemans. This tune was written for a wonderful movie called Turkish Delight (Turks Fruit in Dutch).

It's a modal, brooding, tune, influenced by modern jazz harmony.

The rhythm is straight, showing the influence of pop, rock and r&b. My style of choice was a Latin style. But, as mostly, latin refers more to the straightness of the groove, than to bossa or salsa, samba, cuenca... Think ECM, rather than Astrud Gilberto.

As always, you can download the tune HERE. If you load it and you don't have the appropriate Jazzstylezz style, it will say "style missing". But you can always substitute it with any other style of your liking.

Dig it.

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