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My One And Only Love, Chick Corea's Changes

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Chick's had some great trio's in the past. The Akoustik Band is one of my favorites, certainly for what the rhythm section performs. Dave Weckl's drumming is very flowing and intense and Patitucci, what is there to say?

Anyway, the changes to the tune, as Chick sees them, seem to differ from recording to recording. But, the main reharms he uses stay more or less the same. I thought it would be nice to learn it this way.

You should really hear Chick play it, of course. The way he treats the ballad, certainly with Patitucci and Weckl tends to be totally straight. I chose a Ballad style, a straight style, like the way Jarrett plays the song Prism. It suits the Chick Corea trio feel like a glove.

As always, you can download a MGU-file (Band in a Box format) here. On loading the song, Band in a Box will look for the style I made and that you can find in the Ballad Pack 1. But, you can always substitute with a style of your choice.

Have fun!

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