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Naima, cool Coltrane Ballad

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Naima is one of those weird and moving ballads Coltrane blessed us with. Intense, melodic, but not in a singer-songwriter kind of way...

The tune is wonderful and moves in all kinds of directions. It has augmented chords, parallel chords and -above all- this long pedal tone that seems to carry the whole tune.

I used a Ballad style with a driving beat behind the tune, and it works nicely.

As always, you can find the tune in MGU-format (band in a box format) here. When you open the tune it will load the Ballad style from the Ballad Pack 1, unless you don't have the Ballad Pack 1 installed. In that case you can substitute it with a different style of your choosing. Or, buy the style pack, already,

Have fun.

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