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Night Train to You, 11/8 meter (Marcin Wasilewski)

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Marcin Wasilewski has proven to be such a wonderful player, delicate, but with some Hancock-

esque power. There is a live album where he tackles Hancock’s Actual Proof. He plays with such energy and harmonic sophistication.

And, importantly, you can recognise great players by the company they keep. Wasilewski’s band members add a lot to the exquisite sound of the trio.

The song Night Train To You is a wonderful tune that really delivers on its’ title. It’s a light, but hurried pace, that seems to trip at almost every step. The melody reflects the longing, the nervous anticipation, the thunderous roar of the train wheels on the track.

Did I say I love this tune? I recorded it some time ago, and I was not ready for it, and not really ready now. But a better player will do the track more justice.

For me Wasilewski is up there with all the great modern players, from Jason Moran to Calderazzo, from Yaron Herman to Gerald Clayton.

the style is found in the odd meter pack.

Here you can find the file (mgu file) for the tune. Remember, the file wants to play a Jazzstylezz style. If you don't have styles from Jazzstylezz, you can use another style that you like. Please note that the song is in 11/8, so use a style that is compatible.

Odd Meter Pack 1


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