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Odd meters on standards

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Some standard tunes just seem to lend themselves to Odd Meters without too much problems. "What's new" is a great example, playable in 3, 5 or 7/4.

I enjoy how the tune seems to play with the I-chord being major, but sometimes being minor. For the rest the tune is pretty straightforward.

The bridge is basically the same as the A-part, but goes to F, as the A-part is in C.

Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery, Clifford Brown and a lot more great players took a swing at the standard.

I made a version in 5/4, just to illustrate.

You can find the style in the ODD meter pack.

Here you can find the file (mgu file) for the tune. Remember, the file wants to play a Jazzstylezz style. If you don't have styles from Jazzstylezz, you can use another style that you like.

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