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Overview of Latin Pack 1

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Here you will find some short vids that present the Ballad Pack 1

And a little deeper you find a soundcloud playlist also.

A word about the styles present in the Latin Pack


First of All

The name "latin" makes you think of the wonderfully varied rhythms of the Americas. In these packs, Latin refers to modern jazz styles with a latin touch. It's the influence of straight eights, the Pat Metheny Band, ECM jazz and the way beboppers and their followers play latin.


Relaxed Double Time Samba. Bass plays the groove you'd expect. Drums go all in. No bossa whatsoever, just a driving samba groove

Spice up Mid tempo standards or just use as samba: Night and Day, A Felicida, Alone Together, Dear Old Stockholm, Good Bait


Based on a modern arrangement of Black Narcissus, the Joe Henderson classic. Fastmoving, muscular, yet subtle.

Black Narcissus, My Favorite things (modal style)


Happening,relaxed latin style. A is relaxed, but funky; B is a tad nervous, but still chill and drums are busy. Bass plays modal with embellishments, groovy. Drums play intense 16th notes. Happy Playing

Spice up any bossa you have


Latin style with funk and RnB influence. Bass plays largely latin style, drums are varied and propelling. Enjoy…

Spice up your bossa tunes: Blue Bossa, Black Orpheus and all the usual suspects


Soul inspired bass on A and B: motown, James Jamerson. Drums are "latin" inspired, but with a lot of soul going on. A good style to spice up the old bossa. Best used for modal tunes.

Blue Bossa, Ipanema, Black Orpheus, any "modal" tune like So What, but also more complex stuff like Beatrice


Bossa as played by trios and quartets. Driving acoustic drum kit, brushe

s, of course. Bass plays Bossa with some modern touches. Really relaxed style, inspired by Tom Harrell"s Sail Away (live recording with André Cecarelli on drums!)

Moon and Sand, Sail Away


Fast, happening Jazz Samba. It's "samba"-like, as played by modern trios, quartets. Bass punctuates notes, laying down an accented groove. Drums drive with a barely noticeable clave underneath. Inspired by Taylor Eigsti's Caravan

Works for fast Samba's like Caravan, St Thomas


Metheny inspired acoustic latin style. Cool and relaxed playing overall. Bass plays it cool, drums add a little spice, but subtly. Are you going with me? (Pat Metheny song)

How Insensitive and any other cool bossa


Bossa as played by Charles Lloyd, Kenny Wheeler. Relaxed, sparse yet energetic. The way a modern trio or quartet plays Bossa

All Your bossas will do! But, especially suited for Kenny Wheeler Tunes (Ma Belle Hélène


Bass is bossa, with some modern accents, drums are acoustic bossa. This means it's played on a regular drumkit. It makes the style sound like a regular trio or quartet playing bossa without percussion

Any Bossa will do. Go ahead Blue Bossa, Girl from Ipanema and the others


Funky latin tinged soulful. Inspired by Dianne Reeves' version of Afro Blue. Works best with minor chords or songs in a minor mood. Very happening. Bass staccato, drums with lots of ride-cymbal going on.

Afro Blue, Black Narcissus, 3/4 version of Sunflower, Dance Cadaverous, 3/4 version of Summertime, Footprints, B Minor Waltz

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