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Overview of Modal Pack 1

Updated: Aug 20, 2021



Triplet waltz with ECM inflections. Inspired by KJTrio and late Bill Evans trios. Bass is relaxed, with some nice surprises here and there. Drums are "loose" and relaxed, behind or in front of the beat. ;;

All Nice 3/4's: Broken Wing or a very modern version of Someday My Prince Will Come. Modal tunes in 3/4 work very well. Kenny Wheeler Tunes


Swinging style with gentle drum accents, based on the All Blues sequence played by Jimmy Cobb. Modern because of its' snare drum playing and because the bass plays a groove.

All Blues


3/4 slow modal jazz waltz Inspired by Kenny Wheeler's 3/4 in the afternoon. Dig the pattern based Bass groove, courtesy of Dave Holland; Drums support and help drive the song forward.

Best used for very slow modal 3/4 tunes, ECM stuff. Slow moving chords. A lot of Kenny Wheeler material


Very lively slow 3/4 rhythm inspired by Rita Marcotulli's 400 Coups. Bass drives grooves home like nobody's business. Drum propels with flurries of hits.

Update slow 3/4 standards: Miyako, Broken Wing, Moon River, The Gift


Afro style, melodic bass, exciting drum patterns. For songs with few chord changes, best with dominant or minor chords.Inspired by Laurent De Wilde Trio's Fe Fe Naa Efe. Makes you wanna dance

So What, Footprints, Impressions


Modal Ballad, very ECM, based on Cassandra Wilson's rendition of Blue in Green. Check it out, it's gorgeous. Bass plays melodic line emphasizing 9ths. Consider it a 4/4 version of the Footprints bass line

Sounds relaxed and gorgeous on a lot of slowly moving ballads: Blue in Green. If you use it on tunes like Misty, I fall in Love too easily, you might wanna reduce the number of chord changes: swap II-V's for a single V7 of Vsus


Inspired by Coltrane's Wise One. A part is totally modal, drums play flurries of cymbal-rolls. B part is driving, groovy

Wise One. Also: All Ballads if you treat them "modally". Take Body and Soul and keep two chords per bar max. Modalize your II-V's: replace with single V7 or V7sus or, go nuts V7susb9 (remember, sadly Biab doesn't really know how to play this chord, but make the best of it)


Slow, brooding, slow moving modal tune. Bass plays groove with straight 16th accents. Drums rely heavily on toms.Exciting style

Caravan comes to mind. But, you can use it on any tune with some long chord durations. The name of the game is "modalize-it". You can almost modalize any tune (replacing II-V by one long sus-chord; stretching the modality by introducing pedal tones).


Waltz style inspired by the song Footprints and the way modern musicians play it. Very driving and assertive style. Biab doesn't know 6/4, but any 6/4 tune with two chords per bar or less will do fine!

All modal 3/4 tunes like Footprints


Soulful Modal Modal style for modern type tunes. It's some kind of modern swing with cool bass and relaxed drums. Inspired by Mike Richmond's version of Body And Soul!

Fall, Dolphin Dance, Body And Soul

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