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Overview of Modern Standards Pack 1

Updated: Aug 21, 2021



Contemporary Swing with some walking, but mostly rhythmic figures. Drums are sparse and accent is on brushed snare and ride

They Can't Take That Away From Me, Just Squeeze Me, April In Paris, A Weaver Of Dreams,Don't Get Around Much Anymore


SWINGING, accented, crisp. Bass plays it cool, drums are syncopated, crisp, driving. A style is subdued, almost soft, B style is active, vibrant, moving, going places. Bass walks some, but mostly plays grooves and accents

Will spice up all tunes you play in medium swing. Your Own Sweet Way, In a mellow tone


Accented Mid Tempo tune, bass plays mostly 1-5-7 and adds 9's every now and then: very melodic, yet groovy. Drums play syncopated rhythm. It spices things up, adding the "unexpected" to mid tempo tunes.

All things mid tempo: In your own sweet way. Great style to breathe life into old standards like In a Mellow Tone, With a song in my Heart


Driving mid tempo, modal style bass, fluid drumming Two beat feel for A, B style is fluid, driving, propelling. Bass plays in a modal style, groove-based, brooding. Drums are "fast" with accented eigth notes. Swing feel throughout. Inspired by Chick Corea's Akoustik Trio and how they play "swing"

Stella By Starlight, Days of Wine and Roses


Lively 3/4, very syncopated. Driving, Happening. Bass plays long notes, cool stuff. Drums liven it up.

Waltz for Debbie. But, you can play any waltz, especially ones where the accompaniment is allowed to be a little rougher: Bluesette, a driving version of Someday My Prince


Energetic modern swing style with modal inspired bass lines and charging drums

Weaver Of Dreams, Stolen Moments, I'm Old Fashioned, Dee's Dilemma, If I Should Lose You, et al


Modern swing style. Bass hints at playing walking bass, but chooses not to, or rather: picks different set of notes. This makes the bass sound modern. Drums are hip

Every medium swing song that you want to make sound more contemporary: I'm Old Fashioned, Killer Joe


Spicy relaxed swing style, with modern playing: bass doesn't go all walking, drums are syncopated, accented, open. This jazz style sounds more contemporary. No prolonged walking bass, but more supportive and melodious bass lines

Update your "swing" tunes with this modern jazz style


Today's Slow Swing Swinging like today's small bands. This one is inspired by Jonathan Blake, drummer for Kenny Barron. His understated but funky and grooving sound just blew me away. Don't expect ordinary swing on the bass part either, but nice playing throughout.

All things swing including Nardis, Satin Doll, Autumn (all the autumns, in new york, leaves...)


Medium to Fast Brush Swing Lovely at 120 bmp, but very cool at 180 and up too. Style that relies on brush swishes in the A part. Lots of accented drums. Bass plays mostly modal. Drums are modern swing, but the bass plays modern straight, largely ignoring the swing

Stella, Autumn (all the autumns)

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