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Overview of Postbop Pack 1

Updated: Aug 21, 2021



Brushed MidFast Bopper.Brushed drums with very loose A-section and close knitted B-section. Bass plays mostly walking, but alternates with modal patterns and grooves

All Mid Fast Tunes: All Of You, All The Things, Autumn Leaves, V

isa, Little Suede Shoes


Relaxed lively Fast Bop Fast bopper with just a hint of walking bass. Largely long notes in the bass and some propulsive walking here and there. The drums are driving, softly, but constantly putting you on edge

Ornithology, How High the Moon, In Walked Bud


Fast Postbop. Reminds you of bebop playing but with different drum accents and interrupted walking from the bass. Lots of hints at fast soul and RNB make this sound contemporary. Think about how today's players play Bop: Christian McBride, Reuben Rogers

Any Fast bop tune: anthropology, Groovin High


Subtle MidFast Loose Bop Good for mid fast Bop tunes. Modern feel, no real walking going on, drums are subtle but accented. Drums keep the hihat going so as not to get lost, but plays freely throughout.

Make your midfast Bops sound more modern: Without A Song, Billie's Bounce, Visa, All The Things, Just Friends


­Fast postbop, accented, nervous A is relatively calm, but brooding, B is rather wild, nervous, accented. A lot of syncopation going on. Bass walks, but alternates walking with more modal patterns. sounds modern. Fast bop for intermediate to advanced players.

Fast bebop tunes, Parker, Gillespie


Fast Trad Bop More traditional bop, with some nice contemporary accents

Fast bop tunes: Oleo, Anthropology, Moose The Mooche


Traditional medium Fast bop style with some twists. Drums use more bass drum for syncopation and for polyrhythmic feel (not mechanical or mathematical, but naturally polyrhythmic).

Exciting for medium Fast bop tunes: All The Things, There will never be another U..


Fast Bop style with mostly walking bass and "fast" playing drums (many fast flurries of 16ths).Drummer hits the snare hard at times. Surprising accents.

All Bop: Four, Pent Up House, It don't Mean a Thing


Hard Bop Inspired by today's hard boppers. Think Marsalis, Barron, Miller, Scofield. Accented drums. Modern walking by the bass player.

Blues Walk, Billie's Bounce, Scrapple from the Apple


Subtle Fast Bop Au Privave Fast Bop Style with modern walking bass and drums that lay down subtle accents

All Bop tunes: All The Things, Just Friends, Four, Seven Steps to Heaven, Au Privave, Ornithology, Anthropology, Moose The Mooche

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