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Round About Midnight, Miles' great interlude

It's one of those songs that you love, and I always admired Miles' version.

One day, the weather was bad, parked my car in an underground Parking lot where I heard (as background music for the parking lot...) Round Midnight by the Miles Davis Quintet featuring Coltrane.

It hit me hard.

I believe the intro and interlude that Miles made for Round Midnight is just powerful and right on.

In Band in a Box you have the possibility to have pushes and holds with the bass and drums. Alas, you can only have one bass or drum hit on every beat of the tune. Granted, you can push it by 1/8 or 1/16th. But for a ballad, like Round Midnight, it can't work to make an intro like Miles'. So, I tweaked and tweaked and got this. Remember, you can find the song in MGU-format (for Band in a Box), for you to play, here.

Hope you like the style I made, it's in the Standards Pack 1.

Have fun

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