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So May It Secretly Begin, Pat Metheny's great tune

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In 1987, the Pat Metheny Group released the underestimated album Still Life (Talking). One of the first albums after leaving ECM, the firm that launched Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life and followed up with a lot of great albums.

Anyway, the tune So May It Secretly Begin, is such a lush song, with a great arrangement. Thing is, if you strip the song from all the Oberheim synths, the overdubs, the percussion, the slick production... it still stands. Firmly.

As is mostly the case with Pat Metheny, the tune is decptively simple. In this case, the song is in Cminor, aeolian. But, then again, it uses these wonderful Lydian chords to shift tonality. Ablydian is in the scale, but Dblydian isn't and Fmajor is unexpected as well.

Notice how BIAB can sometimes mess the Holds and Pushes up... best is to restart the program and that will fix most of these "sync" problems.

On the other hand, the melody shows the way and there's no need to look further than the obvious harmonies. Though I am in no position whatsoever to lecture who-so-ever about great playing, I try my best with my abilities and think the melody alone makes it worth it.

As always, you can find a MGU-file (BIAB song file) of the tune here.

Watch out, if you open the tune, BIAB will look for a particular style, which I made and can be found in the Latin Pack 1. If you don't own the Latin pack, you can substitute it with another style.

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