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Someday My Prince Will Come

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Someday My Prince Will Come became a standard thanks to Miles Davis. Originally from the Disney Movie Snow White, it got incorporated in the great Miles Davis Songbook and the rest is history.

The tune has got all kinds of II-V and III-VI-II-V in it, but stays real close to the Bb tonality throughout.

Now, my concern wasn't to make a great solo-statement here. All things considered, I couldn't if I tried. But the melody is so nice, who needs a killer soloist?

Anyway, I used a Standard Pack style. Just to show that MIDI-styles don't need to sound rigid or dated or like your grandfather's home organ.

As always, you can find the biab file (MGU-format) of the tune here.

When you open it, BIAB will look for the style from the Standards Pack. If you don't have it installed, you can try another style in your library.

Have fun.

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