Sometime Ago, standard tune

Updated: Jan 25

A long time ago, already, Bob Berg made a great album, Enter The Spirit. One of the tunes is "Sometime Ago", a standard in 3/4.

At the end of the tune Bob throws in some modal vamping on Cm7-Db/C (the phrygian chord). It always made me want to play it.

Though I am in no means a player of Berg's stature, I dig the harmony and hope you love it too.

The song is very upbeat and happy. The addition of the modal part makes the ending especially energetic, moving.

You can find a file of this song here. If you install the song, it will tell you the style is not present if you don't have the Standard Pack 1, but you can substitute it with a different style, should you choose to.

Have fun

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