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Sumother Song, Kenny Wheeler

Once again, a Kenny Wheeler tune. And, from the album Deer Wan, as I already have Peace for Five in this blog.

I just love KW's tunes. The opening augmented major (in 3rd inversion) or, as most would call it: phrygian with a natural 13, is lovely as are all other chords.

The melody just seems to connect "unrelated" chords. The phrygian and melancholic undertone is obvious.

On the album, the solos heat up the tune and turn up the tempo. Here, I chose a different approach, more straight.

The style is a ballad style.

As always, you can download the tune HERE. If you load it and you don't have the appropriate Jazzstylezz style, it will say "style missing". But you can always substitute it with any other style of your liking.

Dig it.

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