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The Nearness of You

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Michael Brecker published a Ballad album in 2001, surrounded by an absolute all-star band: Pat Metheny, Jack De Johnette, Charlie Haden and Herbie Hancock.

On two songs, he invites the wonderful singer-songwriter James Taylor. For instance, on the tune, The Nearness of You.

The band plays it rather straight, almost pop-like with a slight latin tinge. I wanted to have that same feeling present here.

Though I am in no position whatsoever to play a tune played by these great musicians, I never cease to encourage myself to play it anyway. If I can't startle you with a great solo, I can at least communicate the beauty of the tune. :)

After loading it up to Youtube, I played it, just to see if the video was alright. At the end I was greeted with a warm applause: it opened a Diana Krall performance video that started with applause. I was quite pleased with the cheering crowd, even after I found out it wasn't my applause to begin with.

Harmonically, the tune is pretty straightforward, I do love the modulation from the I chord to the IV-chord as a new key center and the fact that it balances minor and major in deft ways.

You can find the tune here. If you install it, it will tell you it can't find the style for this song, if you don't own the Latin pack 1, but you can substitute it with another style.

Have fun.

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