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Travels, dreamy Pat Metheny tune. Melody, anyone?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In 1983 the Pat Metheny Group released a double album, called Travels. There were a few unreleased tunes on the album and, as far as I know, Travels was one of them.

The tune album is worth buying the double album, let alone Farmer's trust and other gems.

Analysing the song is somewhat unnecessary, since the tune is pretty straightforward, but more in a sophisticated James Taylor sense, than in a disco-techno sense. It's intricate, delicate and the changes are beautiful.

Comping, you would favor triads, except for the Gmaj7, perhaps, but most chords suggest a triadic voicing. The bridge moves through all kinds of different keycenters, though you shouldn't treat all maj7's as 1-chords: the Bbmaj7 is lydian, as is the Ebmaj7.

As always, you can download the tune from this link, here. When you open the tune, Band in a Box will look for the style (JS4B6..., a style you can find in the Ballad Pack). If you don't have this style, you can substitute it with a different style altogether.

Regular readers will notice that it is the same style I already used for Naima, for instance. I like to believe these styles are so flexible, they easily work on a ton of songs.


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