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Why no weekly updates?

I started out wanting to share weekly updates. But then, things changed.

There's not much personal stuff here on my website and that won't change. Still, I thought to inform you why there are not many updates. Not to the blog, nor to the store.

For one, I still have more than 200 different styles waiting to be released. Releasing means cleaning styles up, adjusting the velocities on every instrument, going deep inside the style maker to have nice, clean styles. That takes several hours for every style even though they are already "useable". I've got styles for Joshua Redman style tunes, Joey Calderazzo, ECM-style, Jarrett and Kenny Wheeler. And they are all waiting to happen. :) I always thought it would take me several years along with working fulltime, but now it's taking longer still, why? Well...

Last september I decided to take a gap year to go study. As I got older, finding and keeping a job became harder and harder and I decided to go back to high school to become a teacher. Little did I know that it was going to be this hard. Studying after such a long time, having a difficult time catching up with the courses, making preparations, papers and presentations. And the exams of which I failed some and nailed some.

So... for the time being, I will not be adding much. I'm very sorry for that.

All of this will not take longer than a year, hopefully. And then I hope to get back to producing and distributing styles. I still use them every single day, cause playing and practicing is still on my agenda.

Hope to get back soon with a nice diploma and a more steady job.

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