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You Don't know What Love Is, 5/4 inspired by Lyle Mays' Teiko

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

You Don't Know What Love Is... and it continues with... "Until you know the meaning of the blues". Chet Baker plays it so beautifully. Always.

I always thought how some standards would sound if they got played in a different way, like, for instance, if Lyle Mays would play it as if it was his composition.

Long ago I got into Lyle Mays' tune TEIKO, a wonderful ballad like tune in 5/4 time.

And putting 1 and 1 together, I thought: what would You Don't Know sound like if I used the same rhythmic feel. Well, here's the result and I really hope you like it.

Adjusting the melody to fit the 5/4 is not always easy, but in this case, it fits nicely.

I dug playing this old tune in an Odd Meter style (that you can find in my Odd Meter Pack 1).

As always, you can find the tune here. When you open it, it will look for the style from the Odd Meter Pack, but you can use another style if you like to. If you use a 4/4 meter style, it will play 4/4, of course.

Have fun

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