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10 Pack: Medium Fast to very Fast Post Bop


A Collection of 10 styles and two variations for your Band in a Box.

It's all styles ranging from Medium Fast to Very Fast.

The styles range from more traditional styles with walking bass (not the walking bass you know from arrangers or Band in a Box, more dynamic, more musical) to more modal type fast.

You get very subtle brushed styles to more "in your face" styles: try and enjoy!


They can be used on every tune from 150 BPM to 290 BPM. Just Friends, Oleo, Four, All The Things you are, Moose The Mooche, Anthropology, Pent up House, Giant Steps.


It's a 10-style pack+2 variations for the price of 8! 

Styles are all original, only if they carry the letter V, which stands for Variation.

No 2 styles share any patterns or grooves. Yamaha and Band in a Box have a system where two bass patterns and two Drum Patterns make 8 styles. Not here!