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5/4 style (2+3) inspired by Lyle Mays (teiko)


Though inspired by Mays' song Teiko, this is also very different. I wanted to emulate the "feel" of the tune, not the exact beat.

Is 5/4, pressed into 4/4 meter. Biab doesn't know odd meters, remember?

Thing is, it's totally different from Take 5. Take 5 is 3/4+2/4. Many of you already know how to play that way. When you take this style, you need to know it sounds a lot different than Take 5. 

 Works with any 3/4 song. Expand or reduce the chords (mostly reducing) so that it sounds like a strange 6/4. The first chord (2 chords per bar) will sound shorter and the second chord (2chords per bar) sounds like in any 6/4.

For 4/4 songs, you will have a feeling of a prolonged second part of the bar.