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Brisk Ballad or Funky Mid tempo


Brisk paced ballad or funky medium-tempo. Bass plays long notes and embellished grooving

Drums are syncopated with interesting bass drum (slightly polyrythmic)  Thing is, starting with Miles Davis (Relaxin, Steamin, Workin, Cookin) and on with Bill Evans and most contemporary bands the difference between ballads and mid tempo tunes became less obvious. The frontiers became blurred. Songs got played in mid tempo, but sounding like ballads. And ballads got played at slow tempo, but sounding more up tempo. Enjoy!


Brisk versions of Naima, You don't Know What Love Is, My Funny Valentine, Round Midnight, Spice up God Bless The Child...

Or funky slow versions of In Your Own Sweet Way, Satin Doll, Doxy, In a Mellow Tone