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Relaxed Double Time Samba + variation


Relaxed Double Time Samba variation

(NB about the name of the file:  Theres a B at the end. This means there is already a Latin tune in 4 with a tempo of 120. Remember: in JazzStylezz.com there are no derivatives, no recycling of styles or mixing bass a with drums b alle styles are based on an original MIDI file just for that style, no pgmusic tricks where they have more than 50 styles sharing the same bass patterns. )

Relaxed Double Time Samba. Bass plays the groove you'd expect. Drums go all in. No old fashioned or percussion based bossa whatsoever, just a driving samba groove.lots of great snare moves. You will find 2 styles, the two are slight variations. Instead of selling them off as two separate styles (as do pgmusic, Yamaha, roland and all), I offer the variations together.


Spice up Mid tempo standards or just use as samba: Night and Day, A Felicida, Alone Together, Dear Old Stockholm, Good  Bait